Akpini Traditional State

Akpinifia Okpekpewuokpe
Dagadu IX

Akpini Traditional Area
(Akpini State)
Enstools A new Paramount Chief

Following several years of protracted chieftaincy disputes, the Akpini Traditional Council has begun the process of enstooling a new Paramount Chief for the area.

On Sunday, February 27th, the chosen candidate from the Ablenyi gate of the Besiaku Royal family, Mr. Bernard Elikem Korku Buachi-Ablenyi, was detained. This forms as part of a seven-day customary process in Kpando. The successful completion of the customary installation rites will see Mr. Buachi-Ablenyi become Okpekpewuokpe Torgbuiga Dagadu IX.

For nearly 40 years, the area has been plagued by Chieftaincy-related litigation, which many think has resulted in the area’s retrogression in every aspect possible.

In September 2020, the Volta Regional House of Chiefs’ reconciliation committee, chaired by Torgbui Kweku Ayim IV, Paramount Chief of Ziavi Traditional Area, submitted its final report to the Chiefs and People of the Akpini Traditional Council. The committee’s findings and recommendations for restoring peace in the area were documented in the report.

Paramount on the list of recommendations was the selection and enstoolment of a new overlord for the Akpini Traditional Area.

According to the Ablenyi Royal Family, Mr. Buachi-Ablenyi will be coronated and enstooled as Torgbuiga Okpekpewuokpe Dagadu IX at a ceremony to be held at the Dagadu Palace on Sunday March 6, 2022. 

Residents of Kpando in the Volta Region of Ghana are excited over the commencement of processes to enstool a new paramount Chief for the area as the marks the start of a new era in the history of the traditional area

Members of the Akpini Elite Group were very instrumental in the processes leading up to the coronation of the new Chief.

In an interview with WoezorTV News, Dr. Ernest Aculey Ansah, Chairman of the Akpini Elite Group, expressed satisfaction with the group’s success in helping to restore peace in Kpando and paving the way for the celebration of the Danyibakaka festival.

Mr. Bernard Buachi-Ablenyi, the candidate, is a journalist and media entrepreneur with over seventeen years of experience. He attended Bishop Herman College in Kpando and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). He also has an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Commercial Marketing (ICM) in the United Kingdom.

He has worked as a news reporter, radio news anchor, editor, and morning show host for a number of radio stations, including Classic FM (Techiman), Asta FM (Techiman), Focus FM (Kumasi), and Ultimate Radio (Kumasi). He has also worked as the manager of Winners FM in Techiman.

Aside his radio profession, Mr. Buachi-Ablenyi has written articles on a variety of topics for a variety of newspapers and online news portals, including ghanaweb.com, myjoyonline.com, peacefmonline.com


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Coronation day

The role of Gbordome fiaga.

Togbui Adza Lokko the VII, is arguably one of the most powerful chiefs in Kpando.

Traditionally, he is the Gbordome fiaga of the Akpini state. He has the largest number of towns (9) under his authority within the three divisions.

This towns, consist of, Dzoanti, Gadza, Gabi, Konda, Agudzi, Dafor, Agbenorxoe, Abanu and Bame, making up to nine traditional areas under his leadership.

Enstooled in 1984 as a young boy, he has for the past years exercise his authority within the Gbordorme and Akpini state.

As tradition will demand, the Okpekpewoukpe, will be expected to exchange his official oath with only the three divisional chiefs as their new paramount chief and will be expected to receive similar assurance from them, to work closely with him in ruling the Akpini state. All other chiefs, are not allowed to exchange oath with Okpekpewoukpe, because the divisional chiefs are the representatives of their authorities.

The oath comes in the resemblance of these words which I will try to state in English due to the lack of exactitude of the Ewe rendition.

( That if he calls on them, whether in rain, fire, or shine, they will avail themselves to his service) these exchanges are considered very important that, no divisional chief is expected to offer an excuse to the Okpekpewoukpe when he calls on them as same is expected of Okpekpewoukpe Akpini fiaga Dagadu to the Divisional Chiefs.

The Gbordome fiaga, aside his role as the head of all these traditional areas, double as the chief of Kpando Dzoanti over all other clan chiefs within his town.

Togbui Lokko VII is also the host to the Danyi shrine house, where the gods of Kpando Danyi resides. That’s why during the Danyiba-Kaka festival, his role is key in making sure all events are carried out in line with tradition.

Till date, the Danyi-gods have an abode in Kpando Dzoanti, where the Gbordome fiaga lives.




As indicated earlier, he wills so much authority in the scheme of Akpini traditional area that, he’s one of the chiefs who sits in palanquin (Apaka)

And since the Okpekpewoukpe comes from his constituents which is the Besiaku family, he indirectly serves as the head chief from where Okpekpewoukpe Akpini fiaga Dagadu comes from.

Togbui Adza Lokko the VII, will on Sunday, sit at the most important cross road of Kpando chieftaincy heritage, and will be expected to partake in all the activities of the day, which he has already started since the Okpekpewoukpe was confined.

On Sunday, I urge all our guest and Akpini viwo to pay key attention to him and his people from Kpando Dzoanti, since he is a key embodiment of the soul of the kpekpe Etor.

Togbui Afendza the III sits to the right-hand of Okpekpewoukpe.

Togbui Afendza III, the senior divisional chief of Anyigbe division is the right hand of Okpekpewoukpe Akpini-Fiaga Dagadu, this position of authority places on him such a huge responsibility to hold Akpini together in the absence of the paramount chief.

In Kpando, there’s is only one chief who sits in Ahamakame (the kings carriage) aside Okpekpewoukpe Akpini fiaga Dagadu and that is Togbui Afendza III, which effectively explains his role with the Akpini state as the second in command.

This enviable position explains the reason he is the nudusime fia (right hand Chief) to Okpekpewoukpe, and sits in his stead as the paramount chief in Okpekpewoukpe’s absence.

Born on the 10th of August 1943, Togbui Afendza III was enstooled at a young age of 31 years on the 14th of March 1974 as the senior divisional chief of Anyigbe and the head of all warrior chief of the Akpini state.

For many years, Togbui Afendza III has exercise his authority, and will be on guard on Sunday the 6th of March to support, contribute his quota to the development of Akpini state.

You want to feel a sense of warrior on your visit, then watch out for the Anyigbe senior divisional chief. VII

Benjamin Madugu Avornyotse